ANDREW MARK Photography

Andrew is a Fine Art Film Wedding Photographer with his wife Emma. Together they're a husband & wife team with a passion for our couples, their photographs, and bringing them together beautifully on film. 

"We use film because there’s simply nothing else that compares to it’s beauty. It’s more than the soft colours, stunning grain, inimitable tones, and the slow shutter. Film carries a depth - an emotional connection that is unrivalled. Film is a storyteller.
In the passing moments of a wedding day it’s easy to lose sight of everything that’s going on and those moments can vanish before you know it. Our fine art approach to weddings aims to slow the day down and create the most beautiful moments possible on film. Through careful attention and observation to detail, we aim to tell your story from start to finish in a unique narrative and preserve those fleeting moments of the day."

Nearly every image in their Portfolio is captured on Medium Format Film and developed by North America’s most respected film lab.
As a bonus Andrew Mark also offers full day video coverage.


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