I’m Joel. That is the J behind JFHannigan Photography. My camera has taken me across continents and through a handful of different countries but I have the distinct privilege of operating my photography business out of Niagara and calling it home. Near or far, Ihave had the opportunity to spend some amazing moments with some wonderful people on their wedding day.
My style tends tends to be fun, fast paced, and full of light, colour, and contrast all while keeping an eye on the history and aiming for a sense of timelessness. Together with my video team we offer a variety of different ways to capture your day so you can relive it, over and over again.
Enough about me already! What I really want to to talk about is you! Tell me something about yourself! When are you getting married? Where are you from? What’s your favorite color?  How can JFHannigan Photography help you capture your future memories!
Feel free to wander over to www.jfhanniganphoto.com and have a look around. If you look around the website long enough, I think you will get to know me just a little bit and what we are all about. 
Looking forward to connecting with you. God Bless.
Joel F. Hannigan

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