Weddings Tied With Lace

We'd be a great fit if...

*You value marriage over the party.

*You appreciate the experience-over-things concept.

*Though you appreciate fancy glassware, you'd rather put that portion of your budget towards something that will make a big guest impact.

*You want your wedding day to tell a story.

*You'd love to meet over coffee or wine.

*You're looking to save time and stress during the planning process.

The Brand

Shortly put, we believe in simplicity, experience, slow-living, and grace. We believe there is a wonderful beauty in the simple things in life. Being able to slow-down to appreciate the small stuff, setting aside purposeful time to spend with our families, cultivating memories and joy in new experiences and giving ourselves plenty of grace as we set new goals and progress through life.

Our core makes up who we are as a business, why we are in this business and how we can translate our values into our client experience. In a world where most of us are always on the go, taking a minute to slow down to enjoy the small steps in the planning process can be a breath of fresh air. it doesn't have to feel chaotic and you don't have to have the weight of stress on your shoulders. Instead of your wedding planning process ending up as a chore or another never-ending list of things to do, we can show you the more beautiful side of celebration planning where you get to slow down and focus on the simple details that make you feel good.

About Meagan

I’m on woman on a mission to create, style and celebrate meaningful weddings with hints of whimsy and heaps of heart. Your wedding isn’t just a party, it’s the party. It celebrates love, community and commitment.

I’ve seen it all with over a decade in this industry working in just about every major service (venue, bakery, floral design, photography and beauty). Planning captured my imagination and heart. It allows me to take all of my wisdom and share it so you can have the best wedding day… ever!

Aesthetically I’m a white-space loving, freespirit with an affinity for flowers. I value simplicity and focus on the meaningful details that truly make your day, well.. yours! I adore cozy spaces, lace, textures and polished, classic design. When your wedding needs to be elevated to that next level we can talk metallics, hints of sparkle or punches of colour.

Wedding Planner. Designer. Florist. I’m a little bit of this mixed with a whole lot of that. I speak the language of weddings and because of it I’m not only able to see your vision but to actually create it for you. From plans on paper to florals on tables – I’m your girl.

If we’re going to be celebrating together you need to know:

* I am up for anything, always. Florals from the ceiling? Got it. Roadtrip? On it.

* You’ll be sharing your secrets soon like we’re crib mates since babes. I’ve got a willing ear and soft shoulders. BFF’s in the making.

* Life is for living and loving sloooooowly. I believe wholeheartedly in simplifying and spending time with those we love.



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