Unique & Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gifts


One of the best things about planning a wedding is that despite the stress, time, and effort, you're not alone. Yes, your handsome fiance is right there with you, but I'm willing to wager that only a girlfriend will sympathize over the indecision of whether or not you should order those chiavari chairs in crisp white or glamorous gold. So when they day finally arrives and all the details fall perfectly into place, find a personal way to thank those who were with you every step of the way, and make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them. Here are some style savvy gift ideas: 


1. Chic Robes For The Big Day

Find these on  Etsy .

Find these on Etsy.

Giving your girls something pretty to wear while they get ready will make them feel pampered and important. (Bonus: It will also look great in photos should your photographer be there to capture the morning-of.)


2. Emergency Kits

Buy these  here .

Buy these here.

This one is pretty self-explanatory and loaded with possibilities! Providing your bridesmaids with a cute emergency kit for unforeseen day-of situations will keep everyone stress-free and ready to take on the day! Consider making your own and adding some extra personal touches.


3. A Little Vino

Order these here.

Order these here.

Who doesn't like to receive the gift of wine or champagne--especially in wine country! Honour your girls Niagara style by presenting them with a bottle of bubbly or wine of a special vintage.


4. Jewellery 

Buy these  here.

Buy these here.

Jewellery can make for a lovely memento of your big day, especially if you're tuned-in to the style of your recipient. (Does she change her earrings with every outfit, or are those pearl studs in her ears borderline permanent?) 

5. Go Homemade

Thanking your bridesmaids doesn't have to break the bank, and putting together a thoughtful assortment of items you know they'll love (or will come in handy on the big day) will be much more meaningful than anything you can find in a store!