Planner Vocab: Deconstructed and Demystified

We all know there are so many different types of wedding professionals who have varying talents and responsibilities, but one of the most common colloquial mistakes is the use of the terms wedding planner, wedding designer, wedding coordinator, and venue coordinator interchangeably. Although their duties often overlap, it's important to understand the difference between these professionals and understand who you are hiring and what they will be accountable for. Meagan from Weddings Tied With Lace is here to clarify any confusion.

I  jumped on the chance to write a blurb to differentiate the many terms there are for a wedding planner, as these are questions I get all the time. As a Niagara Wedding Planner and Designer I see first-hand how confused some prospective clients are when they first contact me. Hopefully this brief article will help to eliminate some of that confusion! 

Wedding Planner

This is the term most planners go by and it can include any and every duty. It is most often associated with full planning wedding planners who are with you from the very start of your wedding planning process and work with you until the very end of your wedding day. A wedding planner will usually help with your theme but does not necessarily take charge of the overall design. Most couples hire a wedding planner because they want to enjoy the entire process, are feeling overwhelmed, are not local to their wedding city, or just know they want to have the best wedding ever.

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Wedding Designer/Event Stylist

It's rare that you will find a wedding designer who is just that. A designer is usually also a planner OR decorator who has an extensive amount of design work in their services. When you hire a planner who is also a designer you get all of the creative ideas as well as the logistics to make it happen. You can also hire a decorator who is a designer as well. Instead of just supplying and setting up the rentals, the designer will help you with ideas of what, where and how to place items. Couples who are looking to completely personalize their wedding will look for the help of both a wedding planner and a designer or stylist. They want to have a stylish event but are also concerned about creating a one-of-a-kind guest experience.

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Wedding Coordinator

Some people use this term interchangeably with wedding planner. A coordinator is usually an independent planner who specializes in day or month-of coordination. They are usually hired because the couple knows they want someone there to help manage the wedding day so they can relax and enjoy the wedding. A wedding planner does this part of the job as well but it is only a fraction of what they do.

Venue Coordinator

Some venues call their on-site staff wedding coordinators or event planners, but it's important to remember that a venue coordinator will always have the venue as their first priority. Couples should keep this in mind when deciding if they want to hire an independent planner or not. A wedding runs it's smoothest when the venue coordinator and independent planner work together. 

- Meagan xo

Meagan is certified by The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada as a wedding planner & destination wedding planner and is also the current Regional Rep for Niagara. Weddings Tied With Lace has a simple mission: provide a luxury service to every single client; share love, happiness and passion with the couple; and be available to clients whenever they need help.