Featured Vendor: AE Bumble Jewelry Design Studio

Alexandra of A.E. Bumble Jewelry Design Studio has an ever-evolving style designing tomorrow's family heirlooms. Her studio is located in midtown Toronto with a secondary space in Southern Niagara. 

From Alexandra:

Like you, I am product of my environment, my creativity has always been nurtured by family, friends, and especially my mother.  When I was a child my mom placed any possible art materials in front of me until one day something stuck, something that I continued to create: beaded jewelry.  Even though years have passed, still a day doesn't go by that I am not inspired; from a coffee chat with a bride-to-be, spring flowers peeking out from dormancy, or even browsing my Facebook feed, life and love is all around for our pleasure and satisfaction!

My style and design is ever evolving as I challenge myself with new techniques and incorporate current trends.  No matter how avant-garde I am willing to go with a design, I have a deep admiration and respect for classic, clean lines that are timeless; My Gemini nature values this duplicity and walks a fine line of balance.  So, whether I am restoring a piece of jewelry that is a family heirloom or designing something entirely new for your wedding day, I strive to capture the uniqueness of each client in my designs. 

AE Bumble is now listed in the Vineyard Bride Vendor Directory and you can visit their website at www.aebumble.com.