Canada Day Creative From Anne & Co.

Happy birthday, Canada! This red and white bridal shower creative, captured by Jay Perry and designed by Anne & Co. is loaded with patriotic prettiness, including homemade angel food cake and candy apples from Anne herself. 

From Anne:

My idea for the shower theme came from things I love: Memories of hot summer days picking strawberries to make jam with my mom, cleaning all the mason jars. You'd think after years of jam making I would have lost the love but no, I sill LOVE the mason jar, lol! Then it was all the years of playing in, picking and eating cherries from our cherry tree. Cooling off with a refreshing Coke, camping with the family and bringing along our Canadian Tire cooler. Or the many Canada Days enjoying a barbecue and always staying up late to see the fireworks and run around with sparklers. (Who doesn't love the smell of sparklers?) Or all the years spent skating on the ice rink my parents would build for us. We'd skate for hours until we could barely feel our toes! Winter nights building forts with my brothers every time it snowed. But all-in-all, I love Canada and all it has offered me over the years. Camping, roasting marshmallows, hiking, fishing, skating, candy apples to Rockton Fair, and so on. So what better theme for a party than the honouring of the things I love?