Our Wedding Video & A Lot Of Gratitude

I suppose one of the biggest perks of running a wedding blog is an easy submission process when you want to share your wedding video! It also gives Chris and I a pretty sweet platform from which to thank all of the incredible vendors who came together to make our day as perfect and happy as it was. So, in no particular order, a thank you to the following wedding rockstars:

Jacquie (Someone Borrowed), thank you for making sure the day ran so smoothly! Our timeline was perfect and it was so wonderful to not be rushing around all day because it meant Chris and I could take everything in and enjoy the little moments. Your help with DIY projects a few weeks before kept me feeling organized and on the ball, and your myriad suggestions and tips made the day so much fun and personal to us. (My favourite idea of yours was our pre-ceremony cocktail station--I think our guests would agree!)

Angela and Dan (Gemini Photography), what a pleasure it has been hanging out with you guys for the last year. I phrase it that way because during our consultations, meetings, and shoots, Chris and I felt like we were spending time with friends. You're both so wonderful, professional, and talented and we could not have had a better experience with you as you captured this exciting time. We can't wait to see the photos--and continue hanging out!

Carolyn & Sandra (The Pillar & Post), thank you for all the venue-related details that created such a perfect atmosphere for us and our guests. Sandra, thank you for the months of help with decisions on our menu, layout, and timing. Carolyn, thank you for pulling it all together and keeping everything organized, even when the rain spoiled our hope for an outdoor ceremony and plans needed to be changed at the last minute.

Angelica (Simply Beautiful), the room. Looked. Stunning. Thank you for your guidance and decor suggestions for linens, overlays, and chairs. I appreciate you gently steering me in the right direction from some initial ideas that would not have been as impressive as the end result. You were 100% right and it was wonderful working with you. Even the napkins were perfect.

Patryk (Liquid Entertainment), thank you for keeping Chris and I on the dance floor all night! You really know how to put on a great party and our guests loved the surprise centrepiece game (and I love the footage of it below)! Your professionalism is unparalleled and that spanking new DJ table of yours looked so great with our decor. You're a class act.

Sarah and Nikki (Savvy Sendables), our invitations were so unique and beautiful and it was such a pleasure to have our family and friends text us about how much they loved them as they received them. I loved going through the creative process with you and major props to you guys for getting Chris interested in stationery!

Christina, thank you for the delicious and pretty sweets table! Our guests loved the bacon caramel popcorn and I saw a few butter tarts going home in napkins. Thank you for not making us the black wedding cake that I always claimed I'd have back in high school,  but a super pretty and tasty white one instead. 

Kristin (Events by Kristin's) and the gang at Southbrook Winery, our rehearsal dinner was beyond fabulous. Thank you for giving us a great start to our wonderful weekend. The wine was perfect and the food was to die for. Those mini crab cakes and soup shooters will always hold a special place in my heart, and thank you for accommodating my family's endless dietary restrictions.

And last but certainly not least, David (still can't call you Dave), thank you for doing such a spectacular job on this video. Having you spend the day with us was a blast and you did such a marvellous job of capturing our candid moments. You have a real talent and we're so grateful to have this footage so we can re-live the happiness of our wedding day.

XO, Kalin & Chris