Blossomy Niagara Engagement from Scarlet Lens Photography

There is truly no better harbinger of spring than blossoming magnolia, and Scarlet Lens Photography brings us this sweet engagement session that drives that point home. Enjoy these gorgeous, love-filled shots and a little note from Alisia about the happy couple:

Miranda and Chad are one of the "modern" day couples that met via online dating. At the time Miranda was living in Toronto and Chad in St. Catharines and they both made the effort to see as much of each other as they could despite a bit of a distance and Miranda not being a driver. A few years had passed and Miranda made the decision to leave the beautiful city of Toronto and move in with her beau. From there a proposal came during a date night and the rest is as you say history.

Their engagement session took place in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake as the couple frequents this area. We started at their house where I was able to meet their little baby Darwin (he didn't like the sound of my camera at all) and Miranda finished up getting ready. Our first location was the Niagara Royal Botanical Gardens and it just happened that the magnolia trees where in full bloom. After taking advantage of all the RBG had to offer we made our way to the Queenston Heights area. They danced in front of the monument and had a few "private" moments as we took advantage of being the only ones there. Our last stop was the ever popular down town main street of Niagara-on-the-lake. We stopped at every spot that would allow for interesting and semi private photos as they are kind of on the shy side.