Today, we're chatting with Jessica Little who has been a photographer for 7 years in the Niagara region. 

Tell us a little about you! I am blessed to walk this life, camera in hand, and heart bursting with appreciation to capture love, laughter and as cliche as it sounds; 'happily ever afters'.  As a wedding photographer, I aim to freeze the fleeting moments on a wedding day and to deliver a collection of images that highlight the joy in the eyes of your beloved, family and guests. Without missing all those fine hand chosen details you've spent countless hours trying to get just right. I aim to tell your true story, so that in years to come, it brings you right back to those delicate moments. 

What makes your business unique? I am unapologetically an emotional being! I pour that emotion into my work, and invest my heart into the story of my clients. 

Favourite part of your business? The intense love and act of documenting life and telling stories. For as long as I can remember I have always been that girl who has a profound love of photography and journal writing.  I have countless boxes of photographs and notebooks. However I am much more reluctant to share my words, so luckily for me I can story tell through my imagery. --- Wedding photography is a day spent telling your story and that fills my poetic heart with an immense amount of joy. 

What inspires you? Poetry and nature. 

On your day off, where would we find you? I feel as a photographer, you never really take a 'day off'... I believe its a lifestyle. Everyday is an opportunity to learn, and grow. I spend countless hours of my day dissecting light, patterns, energy and body language. Everyday is a chance to learn and everyone and thing is my teacher. 

But when I am not documenting the lives of others, I am documenting my own. 

Spending my day capturing the happiness of my little boy and celebrating his youth! I dedicate hours of my day to just being a mother and a wife! Together we love being outside, enjoy lunch dates, library trips, building with mega blocks, going for walks with our dog, swinging at the park, or playing drums in the kitchen with the pots and pans. 

If you weren't a wedding photographer what would your dream job be? A Writer.

What great wedding trends are you seeing this year? I hate trends. I think its important for a couple to truly plan a celebration based on what makes their story unique. No two couples are the same. No two weddings should be the same either. 

Do you have practical advice for couples planning a wedding? Be present and in the moment!

It is so important in highlighting your authenticity and ensuring those stunning candid moments are there for me to capture. If you spend your day getting upset over the small stuff, I can't make you look happy and in love in your photos! So let it go. Be present. Hold hands. Embrace each other at every moment you can. Steal kisses. Laugh. Cheers. Dance like no one is watching. Celebrate the real reason for this beautiful wedding day... you just married the love of your life! Celebrate that love!