Today's spotlight feature is extra special. We visited Laura at her office and made a little video. Check it out below! 

Before you watch, read a little about Laura Olsen Events!  'Our team believes there is so much beauty in life to celebrate and we strive to create events that are timeless, intimate, uplifting and beautifully grounded by love. We value the things that make you unique and use them as inspiration to create a truly personal vibe and aesthetic for your event. With backgrounds in visual merchandising, project management and customer service in both corporate and retail environments, we have a perfect balance of talents to provide a client experience that is just right for you and an event that is unlike any other.'

Go ahead...push play!

How long have you been working in the wedding industry? 5 years

What is it about your business that makes your business unique? I have a serious passion and knack for mixing textures, patterns and colours, but in keeping with a timeless, intimate aesthetic. It's all about taking your favourite things and subtly tying them into the design in a way that is true to you. I also love doing things in a new, fresh way. I love traditions, but putting a fresh spin on something is always fun.

Can you tell us about the most favourite part of your business? That's a tough one because I really love everything about what we do! At the top of the list would have to be the design process when I get to discover a couple's personal style and passions and brainstorm how to fluidly integrate them into the event. It's so exciting because every client or couple is different from the last even if they have commonalties so it's fun to be creative in how to showcase them in a unique way. A close second would be the relationships we get to build with our clients. So many of our former clients are now friends and it's so fun to see their lives continue to change and grow!

What inspires you? Oh gosh. The entire team is inspired by so many lovely, different things which makes us a unique bunch. Design wise, I definitely take inspiration from nature, interior design and architecture. Mentally or emotionally, I am inspired by anyone who embraces adversity and has a perpetually positive outlook on life.

images from Laura Olsen Events Instagram account

images from Laura Olsen Events Instagram account

Do you have a mentor/hero in the industry? Hmm. I don't think there's just one I can single out. There are so many women who are strong, confident and paving their own way through the world despite the challenges. Women who go about it in a "real" way, showing when they struggle and not just flashing around the positive, glamorous bits of their life. Women who place community over competition!

On your day off...where would we find you? At a yoga class or toasting whatever I felt needing celebrating that day. We all need to celebrate something each day even if it's just the fact you got out of bed. You'd probably most often find me snuggling with a kitty or two, though!

If you weren't a wedding vendor, what would be your dream job? I'd totally be an interior designer. I think my Senior Associate Planner, Kate would be working to give every animal on this planet and loving and safe home.

What great wedding trends are you seeing this year? I love that couples are moving away from the traditional head table line up, no longer wishing to be on "display" the entire evening. Almost every one of my clients are loving the more intimate setting where they can sit and have a good conversation with their wedding party at a king's table, usually in the centre of the room. Secondly, I love the smaller wedding parties we are seeing! It used to be that a larger wedding party was needed to ensure everything got completed on the wedding day, but now that people are seeing how valuable the investment of a wedding planner is, it leaves the rest of your friends able to really be present and actually witness what is happening on the wedding day. Lastly, the trend of putting heavy focus on the guest experience is a key piece this year! Couples want their guests to have the best time and the "it's MY day" mentality is going out the window, which honestly, makes a wedding so much more fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Do you have any practical advice for couples planning a wedding? My biggest piece of advice is to really get a handle on your guest list. It's a HUGE budget buster and can save you thousands if you stick to those who mean the most to you. You want to be present during the planning process, so being stressed about budget and how you're going to make everything fit wears on you more than you can identify. I find that clients with guest counts that are suited to their budgets are less stressed and make better decisions.