Wedding Planner Problems // Crystal Adair-Benning


Part memoir, part diatribe, Wedding Planner Problems is written from the saucy point of view of Crystal Adair-Benning, the snarky, agoraphobic, cancer-crushing wedding planner behind Distinct Occasions

Wedding Planner Problems takes us through the crests and valleys of Crystal’s storied career, with the humour and poignancy one comes to expect from Ms. Adair-Benning. 

From capitalizing on the diamond rings flaunted by her university classmates and ultimately launching her career, to the flawless execution and officiation of a tropical Hawaiian wedding, Wedding Planner Problems makes one thing very clear: when it comes to the world of weddings, Crystal has seen and done it all.

Crystal provides contemporary and telling insight into her world, revealing that despite what we see in the glossy pages of a bridal magazines and (gasp!) blogs, wedding planning isn’t just sequins and frosting. It’s quick thinking and problem solving. Teamwork and leadership. And, in Crystal’s case especially, it’s about pulling off a stellar wedding despite insurmountable relationship challenges and terrifying health concerns.

Whether you’re a veteran in the industry, a budding wedding planner, or a bride-to-be, Wedding Planner Problems has something for everyone. It highlights that love is a driving force behind everything we do, despite the fact that so much of it is out of our control. And, as Crystal would say, that marriage can, in fact, change the world. 

Wedding Planner Problems is available on Amazon beginning February 9, 2016. To learn more about Crystal, visit her website at All images are courtesy of Storey Wilkins Photography.