This week's vendor spotlight is with JF Hannigan Photography. We recently caught up with Joel and asked him a few questions about work, life and weddings. 

Joel, could you give us a short description of what you do? I create images, I capture memories, I have fun, I ask questions, I get to be apart of the family, I help preserve moments for a lifetime through albums and together with our video crew we can create wedding movie magic!

How long have you been working in the wedding industry? 8 years

What makes your business unique? Everyone is different and everyone sees the world differently, I strive to let that thought drive the way I take photographs. No one should have to settle for a template or a standard set. Let the wind blow, let the rain come, let the sun shine, let's explore!

Favourite part of your business? My favourite part of my business is getting out on shoots. There is nothing quite like the sense of adventure in finding just the right location, at just the right time of day, all while getting to hang out with some pretty cool people.

What inspires you?  Late day sun, travel, finely aged whiskey, bonfires, silence, backyard BBQ's, a good spy novel, sports, the great outdoors.

Who is your mentor/hero in the industry? There are numerous people in an around photography that I look up to and admire! Some of my favourites are Erik Clausen, Mango Studios and two of my local hero's are definitely Eva Derrick and Nataschia Wielink!

On your day off...where would we find you? On a hike, on a bike, on a rink or having a drink.

If you weren't a wedding vendor, what would be your dream job?  Owning my own outdoor apparel and accessory label.

What great wedding trends are you seeing this year?  This year I've found people are taking that extra time to find a reception location that is unique to them. A place that might not necessarily be the most popular or convenient but someplace that is meaningful to them!

Do you have any practical advice for couples planning a wedding?  Take your time and evaluate what is really important to YOU as a couple. Don't let traditions or stereotypical norms control your wedding day. Be you, have fun, wear something comfy, and don't worry about what other people say. If it feels right... Go with it!

To connect with Joel, visit him on his website or email him at