Welcome to this afternoon's spotlight feature on the lovely Sue! We here at Sue Gallo Designs are big lovers of flowers! We live and breath in their beauty and all things pretty. As a fresh floral and event company, our passion is to create beautiful celebrations of love. Our designs are the perfect paring of garden chic and a laid back elegance with a whole lot of fabulousness. We see flowers as a big component to any celebration. Together we collaborate the story of you and carefully craft components that are thoughtfully gathered and stunningly styled. Defining you vision for a singular day to beautifully mark that special moment in a couples life to celebrate, relish and remember.

How long have you been working in the wedding industry? 25 plus years

What makes your business unique? We love what we do in a really big way! We are more than just a passionate and talented team of floral designers, we are stylists and event planners who create beautiful events. Our entire planning process is about designing a personal look, something custom created with details that reflect our clients own personal and distinctive style. Our goal is to create a celebration that is a reflection of who our couples are, their story, a celebration that evokes emotion to create a one of a kind celebration of love. Through full services celebration planning and creative event design, to floral artistry and event production, our services truly marry together the back and front end of a planning process to ensure that no detail is missed. To create the most perfect florals for a celebration, we creatively brainstorm along with our clients. Colour palette, gowns, linens, stationary, chairs, plate & glassware, candlelight are all carefully curated to seamlessly enhance the gorgeous florals that we will create to surround a celebration. The inherent beauty of each blossom ins important to us and we make sure that these gorgeous blossoms are front and centre with each celebration we create.

Favourite part of your business? That wedding day, when our clients see how amazing all of their hard work and planning has come to fruition. How beautiful their carefully chosen elements create that vision, their dream, their beautiful wedding.

Sue Gallo Designs

Sue Gallo Designs

What inspires you? So many wonderful things inspire me. The inspirational quotes and photo's that surround my desk, a colour that just happens to catch my eye while flipping through a magazine or while shopping at my favourite places, my mood board in my office that continuously gets larger cause I can't not love just one thing, my children & my husband, their desire for knowledge and their passion for what drives them and what makes them happy. Then there are flowers...whoa nelly, do flowers inspire me. I am like a kid in a candy store when I am choosing blooms to work with, well it feels more like that I get to play with and nothing makes more happy. Their colours, their shapes, the fragrance ... how they can be incredibly casual, sophisticated, elegant or dramatic simply by how we choose to interpret them.

Who is your mentor/hero in the industry?  I not only call Leslie Groves of Warehouse 84 my business bestie, but a dear friend that has been a hero and business mentor to me. Her zest for life, her passion for doing what she loves to do, her knowledge of everything astonishes me to no end. Her energy is contagious, her level headedness amazes, she truly is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to reach out and grab it. I am truly blessed to have this amazing lady in my life. She not only does she inspire me to be better but pushes me when I am not at my best, to achieve higher goals and to work towards a dream no mater how difficult it might seem.

On your day off...where would we find you?
Well lets see, that depends on what day of the week it is. I am either cuddled up with a warm cup of tea with my best fury friend Leaf by my side watching an old movie, or at the rink. My family is a hockey family...a big hockey family. We live part-time I like to say at the various rinks around Ontario while we cheer on my littlest pro hockey man, his coaching dad and my mini me daughter. At times I feel left out not being on the ice, but I am truly their #1 supporter and love watching them play. We wouldn't have it another way!!!

If you weren't a wedding vendor, what would be your dream job? What would be my dream job if I weren't a wedding Florist??? Hummm, that is a hard question that I haven't give much thought to as I am doing my dream job. I am a mother and a wife, and I love being that! I love the create outlet that I have with working with flowers. Both fulfill me. But I do love traveling, so I guess it would have to be something travel related. I would just travel the world and write about amazing places, people, food and of course the flowers that surround them.

What great wedding trends are you seeing this year? There are so many fabulous trends that many of our clients have already incorporated into their weddings. I am a huge believer in creating a celebration that expresses the couples own personality and personal style. So it is so lovely to see that a total personalization trend in still strong for 2016. Many of these trends are elements that help bring total personalization to fruition at a celebration. We are seeing a many more grooms giving more attention to their personal attire for the day. Fashion forward grooms with customized suits and tuxes are such a sweet addition to any celebration. I adore that brides are open to using more metallic in their decor, especially gowns. Such perfect colour palettes to set the mood. I love that I am seeing a trend leaning more towards various textured florals with the use of fresh fruit and vegetables, birch and cork into tablescapes. More organic inspired florals with the use of unique and textured foliage and out of the box vintage garden blooms make bold statements and are such a dream to work with. Couples personalizing their favourite sweet treats, as well as food truck arrivals for late night treats, fir baby attendants, satellite and very personalized bars or lounges, local sourced farm to table dining just all unique and personal elements that help to create a remarkable and memorable celebration.

Do you have any practical advice for couples planning a wedding? Budget research is so important when planning a wedding. We all have a budget, a comfort zone, somewhere that doesn't leave us pulling our hair out when it's time to pay the bill. Heck even Preston Bailey and Colin Cowie have budgets! They maybe a whole lot grander than yours and mine, but knowing where to start makes a huge difference when planning your wedding flowers. Knowing your budget helps guide us designers in the right direction, allows us to make suggestions that meet your comfort zone and help to bring your vision to reality. Not giving us a budget will leave you disappointed, unsure if a designer can work within your range, and have you feeling that you can't afford to work with your dream floral designer. We are here to help you, guide you, make suggestions, we know what works and what doesn't, and how to get the best out of your budget. There are so many possibilities and options available to you ... but you have to communicate with us. So do a little research before sitting down and discussing your wedding flowers. Ask a lot of questions, and heading into that consultation with knowledge of your budget will help bring that gorgeous wedding you have always been dreaming of to life.