Marry Me // Andrew + Leeann

A sweet little engagement session came across our desk at Vineyard Bride HQ. Kevin and Victoria from Morning Light Photography were lurking in the bushes for this sweet proposal and we thought we'd share a little love with the newly engaged! 

A few words from the photographer: 'This was easily the most well thought out way of proposing we have ever seen. First off, Andrew has had the ring for over a year, and has been planning this day for literally months. He convinced Leeann to take off the day for his birthday. They came from Toronto to Niagara to where they had their first date. They did all of the fun tourist attractions, including a helicopter ride. Now this is where the magic happens! Leeann had no idea that Andrew had this ride booked for months. They got on a helicopter and flew over Niagara. Little did Leeann know that her soon-to-be fiancee was about to propose. They flew in to Grace Wood Estates of Kurtz Orchards in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Andrew took Leeann and guided her through the trees and torches. Their walk led them to the barn. On a table Andrew placed a bouquet, rose pedals, and the cutest book of photos of them. It was on the dance floor under the lights that Andrew reminded Leeann of the many reasons of why he loves her. He popped the question. She said yes! Best. Birthday. Ever. Congratulations you two!'