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5 Reasons You Should Host a Niagara Wedding

In my five years of planning Niagara Weddings, about 80-90% of my clients have been from out of town.  It's not surprising that so many couples are looking at Niagara as a "local destination" wedding. Niagara is nestled in between two Great Lakes, the Horseshoe Falls, acres of vineyards and features locally-sourced food and incredible wine. If you are engaged, here are the 5 reasons you should consider a Niagara Wedding.

The VenuesNiagara has some of the most stunning venues complete with a culinary experience for your guests. From wineries to orchards, and even our hotels, you can be sure you'll find a venue that suits your needs. As the industry grows and more Niagara weddings are taking place, more wineries are beginning to offer or revisit the option to host weddings with them. Visit the Swish List to see some of our favourite wedding venues in Niagara.

The Atmosphere - Niagara is a great escape if you are looking for a relaxed, small-town vibe. That's not to say you can't have an elegant, sophisticated or refined wedding, but you can do it with tranquility. Your guests can sip local wine in the vineyard over hand-crafted cheese and charcuterie during cocktail hour. Some venues offer an even more relaxed ambience by promoting the use of lawn games and after dinner fire-pits. A Niagara wedding is truly an experience all in itself.


Less Expensive - Hosting your wedding in Niagara is often less expensive than staying in the city. Food and alcohol costs are lower and vendors often charge less for the same services too. If you are a US citizen, take advantage of the dollar and save even more money by hosting your wedding in Canada.

The Scenery - It's no secret that Niagara is beautiful, but have you imagined it as the backdrop to your wedding? The  photo ops for you are endless and the view is a wonderful change for your guests.

Incredible Vendors - Niagara is full of talented wedding vendors who have grown up in the area and know the ins and outs and all of the secret spaces to take you to. As mentioned earlier in the article, vendors in Niagara are often less expensive while providing the same quality of service. Check out the vetted vendors on the Swish List to see some of the local wedding talent in Niagara.