The soft tones of springtime, the delicate accents brought about by the unraveling of nature to its fullest bloom, the crafting of a breathtaking memory under the auspices of the shifting seasons and aesthetic abundance of a truly natural setting. This exquisitely fashioned chorus of harmonious themes; of diffused shades of soft carnation pink and lily white, of the contrast created between a subdued colour palette and the ever-engaging pull of springtime greenery in its fullest, would be the driving inspiration for our latest style shoot, “Magnolia Tree”.

The magnolia tree, a rather large and gorgeously-flowering species of blossoming tree, was our choice for our style shoot’s thematic centerpiece; symbolic of a beautifying arrival of the spring season intertwined elegantly with the uplifting softness of an eternally-special wedding day. So for us, “Magnolia Tree” would become a true emblem of our essential styles and aesthetic choices; exemplifying the themes of gracefulness and simplicity through the use of contrasting colour schemes amid the ever-symbolic spring scenery. To truly capture this theme, we had chosen a rather secluded section of Niagara-on- the-Lake, an absolutely adorned getaway spot that’s made for many-a- perfect wedding day in our experience. The beautiful lush greenery of Southern Ontario’s countryside made for an excellent backdrop to go alongside our perfectly selected sequence of soft-flowing and sensual wedding gowns care of Sash and Bustle, a frequent favourite of ours.

Chosen for their simplicity of design, radiant colour palettes and overarching aesthetic, the gowns we had selected would go on to match lovingly with the grand theme of our style shoot; accenting the airiness of simple colour tones, of light carnation pink, the softest beige hue and the most delicate shades of lavender and violet. All this in unison with the brilliant green background, perfectly placed floral arrangements and playful poses to leave an onlooker breathless. Of course, we couldn’t have accomplished this magnificent synthesis of styles and shades without a very simple element, the magnolia tree which would be the namesake of the photo-shoot itself.

As you can see from our work, an inner tapestry of themes unified by a single simple element is one of the essential underlying motifs of “Magnolia Tree”, and why this shoot has been very special for us as an idealized standard of our work. So join us under the magnolia tree, and see for yourself how wonderful the simple and elegant embrace of nature can truly be.


Photography: Julia Park Photography | Florals: Fleurish Design Studio | Planning + Styling: Rainbow Chan Weddings and Events | Videographer: Anton Park Films | Hair + Makeup: Maggie Ng | Gown: Sash & Bustle | Model: Plutino Group