Gown: Second Dance Bridal

We love hearing the inspiration behind this beautifully understated editorial from the photographer, Carolyn Bentum:

'A Family Affair Wedding.

The idea behind this wedding editorial began for me quite some time ago at an event industry gathering. I personally love the idea of creative sessions for their inherent opportunity to strengthen your creative muscles and build community. However, after the evening’s talk, I left a little disheartened because it felt as though we were losing these purposes behind them. As I thought this through and chatted with friends in the wedding industry, I began to wonder if I could begin shooting these differently, in a way that takes them back to their namesake purpose and shoot them for both creativity and community building sake, as well as to create content that is intentional and fresh and really authentic. I wanted to collectively collaborate to strengthen skills that would better serve clients, as well as to give couples the permission and inspiration they needed to truly follow their heart and use their own love story to create a wedding that was both a beautiful and meaningful celebration of their marriage. This is where Anna of Spunky Sapphire events appears my version of the story.

She too believes that weddings should be a meaningful celebration of marriage, and so as we chatted over coffee, with our babes on our laps, we began dreaming of how to create from a transparent, creatively rich, and story focused place. We decided we wanted to create a family-focused wedding celebration that would inspire others to think uniquely about their own wedding budgets. We truly desired this session to be as "authentic" as possible, so we began creating a story that was rich with details and lots of sentiment so that we could create a session that would feel as close as possible to a real and intentional family-focused wedding.

Our 'Family Affair Wedding' is just one example of how a couple can be very intentional and yet beautiful creative with your wedding budget. By seeking to highlight your own love story and the true values of your heart you can have a wedding that is not only steeped with gorgeous details, you can work with trustworthy, professional vendors who will understand your vision and serve you with their whole hearts, and you can have a heart of generosity to bless those that are truly special in your life without completely breaking the bank."