Danielle + Carmen // Surprise Engagement Session // Niagara Botanical Gardens


Few things can top a Surprise Engagement Session, especially when it's photographed to be cherished forever! This engagement love story from Danielle of The White Book Company couldn't be sweeter:

"As a wedding planner and a previous bridal stylist I have dressed over 1000 women in their dream wedding gown and planned over 100 weddings in my career so far, so it was definitely a surreal moment to have the man of MY dreams get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife and of course his BRIDE!

Carmen and I met on Match.com and fell in love within a week or two of dating. We have definitely had that fairytale love story of "just knowing" -- a year and a half later, here we are! We had booked a weekend getaway in mid-June of 2017 to Niagara, to take a mini vacay from wedding season. My friends were all convinced that he may ask me that weekend, but he had told me that when he asked it wouldn't be at an obvious time, and this weekend seemed too obviously romantic, so I convinced myself it was definitely not going to happen

After spending the Saturday walking around Niagara Falls, taking in the view from the top of the ferris wheel and cozying up in our hotel, we decided to spend our Sunday at the Niagara Botanical Gardens and have a little picnic before heading back to Toronto. Once again, completely oblivious to what was about to happen. After making him walk around and look at every flower in the garden, he finally pulled me over to a big tree. We were talking about our future dream home when he turned to me and said he had a question for me. I, thinking he was kidding, laughed and went to keep walking when I saw that he was actually getting down on one knee. That's when I tossed the San Pelligrino out of my hand (you can see this in the photos) and started to cry as he pulled out the most gorgeous ring. The ring, gorgeous in its own right, made me tear up even more, as it belonged to my late grandmother who passed away when I was 14. He had the ring re-sized and the former green gems swapped out for sparkling diamonds.

I, of course, said yes!

While saying yes and through tears of happiness I heard a little giggle behind me and turned to see none-other-than one of my best friends and amazing photographer, Richelle Hunter, crying and giggling with her camera. Of course, I cried even harder as the moment was just too perfect. The love of my life asking me to marry him with one of my best friends taking the photos; a total surprise! Weirdly enough our outfits matched that day...a total accident! We now wake up every morning to these gorgeous photos framed on our walls, and can't wait for September to come when we can say 'I Do' at Kurtz Orchards!"