Truth & Tales Studio: Vineyard Bride Featured Vendor

 Photography and cinema are some of the most important elements of your wedding day, and new to the Vineyard Bride Featured Vendor list is Truth & Tales Studio, a fantastic group of creatives who deliver both in style!  


Truth & Tales Studio is a full feature film and photography studio who pride themselves in capturing beautiful moments. They are passionate about using your story to create images that will have lasting meaning.

They are based in both Niagara, Ontario and Calgary Alberta, which has allowed Truth & Tales to expand the scope of their services and has given them opportunities to tell stories all over the world. 

The main vision of Truth & Tales is to capture the moments of your story in a creative and intriguing way. They film and photograph in a documentary style where they attempt to not be a distraction to the guests of your event. They love to tell complete stories and work hard to understand the important themes in your lives. Truth & Tales wants to work with you to explore your love story in a unique and beautiful way.

Truth & Tales is a company made up of owners. Each one brings our passion, heart and expertise to your incredible story.


Drew Unruh


Drew is passionate about capturing the small moments of life in big ways. With a propensity towards excellence, Drew believes that life is full of motion picture type experiences. He brings years of experience to the team and a creative vision that is both distinct and beautiful.

Matt Unruh


Matt is passionate about story telling. His gifted eye and ability to be ever present while still being behind the camera combines for a unique skill set. His caring nature and ability to connect with each couple or family on a personal level really shines through in the care and effort he brings.

Sarah-Jade Loewen


Sarah-Jade is multi-talented. Bringing her artistic eye and understanding of composition to each of the photos she takes and films she creates. With a strong basis in portraits and experience as a model Sarah-Jade brings a unique creative voice.

Please visit Truth & Tales Studio's Featured Vendor page or contact them directly to start a conversation about capturing your wedding day.