Featured Vendor: Amanda Lachapelle Photography

I'm a big fan of Amanda Lachapelle Photography and the gorgeous photos she takes. Amanda sees photography as an emotional process, photographing life and all the moments in between. Amanda's approach to wedding photography is not to simply capture the elements and details, but the love between the couple. This is evident in all of her photos, where the emotion is practically visible and the love is front and centre. 

From Amanda:

Photography for me is such an emotional process – I shoot how I live life, mid laughter, mid tears and in the midst of the moment. I’m very sentimental but throw in a sarcastic and dry sense of humour and I’m definitely cracking enough jokes on the wedding day that if you’re seeing laughter in the photos – it’s probably someone laughing at me. I love photographing life and the moments in between but I love being a part of it as well. I love sleeping in, ridiculous reality TV, painting with oils, pretty purses that cost too much money, reading anything I can get my hands on, travelling, drinking tea at sunset, cuddling with my golden retriever and last but definitely not least, I love loving and being loved by my wonderful husband Bryan, and adorable sons, Nate & Aiden. I am the oldest of four which definitely helps me corral large groups and keep everything going on time on a wedding day. Life holds so many treasures and the photographs I want to take are the ones that tell the stories of our journeys in finding those treasures.

I'm pleased to welcome Amanda Lachapelle Photography to the Vineyard Bride Featured Vendor list and am excited to share more of her beautiful work with you in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about Amanda, visit her website at www.amandalachapelle.com .