Vendor Spotlight: TRIARII Security

I'm pleased to introduce Mike Allan, President of TRIARII Inc., a local security company offering an array of services to Niagara couples. Mike is guest blogging today on the importance of considering security services for your big day, and he's offering professional safeguarding tips to Niagara brides and grooms.

Earlier this year in Toronto, a lovely couple named Paul and Pamela tied the knot in front of 300 guests before heading to a picture perfect reception held inside a popular banquet hall. It was the wedding day they always dreamed of. The dream quickly turned into a nightmare when their envelope box containing roughly $50,000 had disappeared from the gift table. Security footage revealed a male entering the premises toward the end of the reception and offering his assistance with the cleanup. The male suspect continued this deception for several minutes before signalling to his co-conspirator when the coast was clear. The happy couple and their guests, sharing in wedded bliss and a few cocktails, never suspected a thing!

Like Paul and Pamela, more couples than ever are receiving cash gifts instead of items off their registry. Undoubtedly, we ask someone we trust to keep their eye on the gift table, but in the end, gifting works on the honour system. In some cases, the temptation of knowing there may be thousands of dollars sitting out in the open could be too great for distant Cousin Eddy with a gambling debt, Aunt Irene who is four months behind on her mortgage, or in the case of Paul and Pamela, petty criminals off the street. 

To safeguard your gifts on your wedding day, the experts at TRIARII recommend the following tips:

1) Keep the gift table away from doors and windows

2) Assign a groomsman or parent to frequently remove the contents of the envelope box, leaving the empty box on the gift table for latecomers 

3) Move gifts or envelopes from the venue to a vehicle in pairs (for safety and accountability)

4) Be familiar with reception staff so you will be able to recognize a person who might not belong

5) When scouting locations, find out if the reception venue has any security measures in place (guards, cameras, doormen, etc.)

At TRIARII, our job is to go above and beyond to keep you, your guests, and your valuables safe. We believe a physical security presence is the only way to effectively deter bad people from doing bad things. Your wedding day is too important and too expensive to leave yourself unprotected. By partnering with Niagara’s top wedding vendors we will have your back while fading seamlessly into the background. We offer a wide range of wedding day services that extend far beyond theft deterrence; please visit Vineyard Bride’s vendor directory or to find out more. 

Our mission is simple: Take the stress off your shoulders, put it on ours, and make sure you have the best night of your life! 

Mike Allan


TRIARII Security & Investigations